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Jeanette, Meghan,
Annie and Molly



Meghan- Leasing Manager. 404-377-5188 Meghan finds the friendly ambition of Decatur refreshing. If you catch Meghan on a (rare) slow day for a chat you can hear a lilt of St. Croix where she was born and began her life. Ask her about the family of kids, dogs, cats, and rabbits she’s raising in her 1920’s Oakhurst bungalow.


Annie- Maintenance Manager. 404-377-5188 Annie is your gal if you have a friend looking for a residential property in Decatur. She is EDS’s Residential Manager and the Commercial Maintenance Manager, but her duties don’t end there. Give her blog or interview ideas for the website- or get your event on EDS’s calendar. Ask her about travel adventures to Europe -London, Scotland, South of France- or her (very recent) honeymoon in Costa Rica. She and her new husband make their new home in the nearby Emory/ Decatur area with their rescue blue tick coon-hound, Luna, always at their side.


Molly- Office Manager Paperwork chaser, landscaping. 404-377-5188 Molly, an in-towner who has only just moved to Decatur, finds a calm moment for tea sipping- even amid swirling paper at work or her rowdy sons at home. Careful to take great care with her responsibilities, you can credit her with blossom bursting in Spring all around the properties. If you wonder about species of any EDS flora, asks resident horticulturist, Molly H.


Jeanette- Bookkeeper. 404-377-5188 Jeanette is grateful to be part of the happy and responsible community of EDS. She is at her best when helping others. She squeals with glee "it's the little things" when unexpected delights show up in her day. Her biggest delights- son, Nathaniel, and his wife - now live in the big state of Texas and visit her little yellow house in Decatur as often as they can.


Jack, Pat & Chuck – Principals.

404-377-3095 Any given day, you might trip over a bike parked inside the office at 111 New Street. All owners commute on bikes, and ride for pleasure. Believers in the lifestyle they promote, they think of the details they themselves might want in a community. Jack, Pat, and Chuck, each bring a different perspective to the big picture at EDS. The combination of experience -collective decades in contracting, architecture, development, and leasing- lay the ground work for the community where they, themselves, work and play. Let Jack or Pat know if you want to join the Wednesday community bike rides to Stone Mountain. Ask them all about the architecture, eco-sensitive elements, or pedestrian friendly future of EDS.